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Kira's father died in a car accident when she was ten years old, leaving her Mother and her alone. It also left her Mother hating motorcyclists, since the accident was caused by a man in a motorcycle gang. Later, when her mother remarried, while Kira was in eighth grade (age 14), her step-father raped her. This caused her to draw into herself, disliking guys and also not talking to anyone else really, except when she had to.

Kira ends up eventually getting involved with Rei Kashino, the school's playboy and delinquent. This is due to him asking her directions at the park one day, and the paper she draws the map on happens to have the image of a mother and child on back. When he finally is able to catch her attention in school, he tells her that he thinks the image is beautiful, and she tells him he can have the sketch and the painting when it's done. Excited, he tells her he'll protect her if anything happens, and proceeds to do so.

He first protects her by dealing with a sexually harassing teacher, almost dying in the process as the teacher removes the brake pads to his motorcycle. Soon after, Kira asks him to model for her, and they begin to get closer. When the image is stolen by another student, who copies it, she is quite upset as she wanted to give that image and the painting to, but now she doesn't even have the sketch. When the boy returns it to her, she goes to find Rei, and as he burns the paper, she thinks the promise is burning away. But instead, she and Rei head out for a time.

It is during this that she finds out about Rei's twin, and that he will sometimes pass out and stop breathing when certain things trigger him. She resucitates him, showing perhaps for the first time her inner strength, even while she fears he'll die just like her Father did. She has to come to terms with the fact that he'll race no matter what, and that he still has issues with his brother's death. At the same time, though, she becomes friends with Harumi, who had attacked her before, threatening to break her hand if she didn't leave Rei be. She also becomes friends with Kyoko, a female racer whose husband is teaching Rei, and both of whom have known him for years.

As their relationship develops, Kira finds out more about Rei. Eventually, she has to deal with her feelings towards him, even after his ex-girlfriend shows up. Beginning to trust him, however, the two are bothered by a student named Masao Kirishima, who says he loves Rei. When he finds out that Rei is not a cold-hearted murderer, he becomes angry and tries to kill Kira. She fights back and Rei saves her, but not before Masao causes her memories of the rape to be brought up again. This causes strife between Kira and Rei for a time, as he is unaware and not sure why she's acting strange.

Things continue on, and eventually Rei finds out about the rape and the two deal with it. Unfortunately, as her mother has collapsed by this time, her step-father comes back into the equation. She stays in the house because he promises to do nothing to her, but jealous of her relationship with Rei he begins to try to control her. Grabbing her one day, she ends up hurting him and runs to Rei saying she killed him. This isn't really the case, but she tells her Mother that she won't come home, even if her step-father insists that everything was a misunderstanding and he never intended to hurt her.

When her stepfather finally realizes where Kira is, he goes to try to bring her home. She refuses, and when he grabs for her again, she shoves him away and threatens to kill herself. When Rei comes home, finding he's trying to grab her again, he beats him up and her step-father is almost killed. The two run, but he begins to threaten to press charges against Rei, so Kira goes home to protect Rei. Rei ends up saving her, and she begins to get to know his Father, as well as what happened in his past. Eventually, she finds Sei's suicide note, but realizing Rei can't take it at the time, she hides it; as it says loosely that he wishes to bring Rei down with him.

When Rei turns 18, he and Kira get married. Or rather, he gets a slip that says they can get married. She looks forward to beginning an art school, but finds out Masao has gotten out of the psychiatric hospital he had to go to when he attakced her. As she and her friends celebrate her wedding, however, Masao stabs Rei and she ends up at the hospital. She sees Sei there, and begs him not to take Rei. Thankfully, Rei does survive.

A year later, they are shown to be going strong. Kira is busy with art school, and Rei is beginning his career as a professional motor cycle racer.
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Since I myself get confused with graphics-based CR charts, I'm going to split the sections up into color-coded sections, with a header telling you what everyone within that color is.  Then, I will add and image and Kira's feelings towards you.

Kira finds Ash to be a nice kid, but has yet to decide if she actually likes him or not.  She's still amused by the herd of Tauros, and if Ash ever gets to see her drawings, she has a picture of it.  Whoops!

Kira considers Shiki to be a friend.  Something about him calms her down and reminds her of home.  She still disagrees with him on the proper age to be married, but that's alright.

She's only met him twice, but Kira already thinks of Mickey as a friend.  Like Shiki, she feels comforted to be around him.  She's still a little unsure of the giant talking mouse part of Mickey, but then again, it is Mayfield and she's already decided the place is just far too weird to question things.


You know that old saying about first impressions?  B here did not make a very good one, and Kira does not really want to get near to him again.  She's dealt with one person who wasn't in his right mind already, and if B happens to fall into that category, she doesn't wish to deal with another.

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Locked to 337 Brady Lane - Backdated to morning after the event )
[Around Town]

That afternoon, like many afternoons after Mayfield's shenanigans, Kira had gotten something back from her own life.  Unlike the bracelet, or her wedding ring, this wasn't as big a deal as some other things, but she had decided she may as well wear what she was sent.  After all, it held some memories of when she really started to change, and it was nothing like what a Mayfield woman would wear.  So today, as Kira goes about her business, she's wearing this outfit; anyone who knows her feel free to be shocked at pants.

[ooc:  You can catch Kira anywhere around town.  She's probably looking about anyway, checking up on people and all.]
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[337 Brady Lane]

[The doppleganger Kira was sitting at the table while the doppleganger Rin was busy cooking. It was far earlier than either of their real counterparts would usually be up, but it was necessary since the two aliens were plotting together to cause trouble. They would be aware that Theo was one of them, of course, but he seemed to be doing his own thing, so they were doing their's. The Kira one, knowing she was at a disadvantage, was speaking to the Rin doppleganger at the moment.]

You're up too early for him to believe this.

[For a moment the only response from the Rin clone was the sounds made from his continued work on the breakfast he was preparing. It was a mixture of the asian-centered meal the original Rin and his twin were used to, and some of the americanized food they'd been exposed to in Mayfield. Nothing too out of the ordinary. ]

That's why I'm the one cooking. He won't question what we put in front of him either because of this.

I hope you're right. I don't want him to figure it out until we're well into the process of eliminating him.

It'd be nice if he didn't figure it out at all, but that won't happen. [He holds a hand out to her expectantly for the Chloral hydrate they'd stolen from the dentists office earlier that day.] I'll finish up here, you go do whatever your original would.

[Kira takes up the container for the liquid and hands it over to Rin's double.] Alright. Remember to hide the taste well. We want as much time as possible to at least slow him down, if not knock him out dead cold in a matter of minutes. I'll go see about gathering up the laundry.

[With this, Kira's double heads upstairs where she'll be doing chores typical of the girl as close to Yukio's room as possible. She'd like to greet him, after all.]

Action B: Bake Sale

[When passing the Mayfield grocery store you might see a curious looking table. Once closer though, you'll see it filled to the brim will an assortment of baked goods: cookies, muffins, and brownies! All of them not so neatly packaged but the smell is delicious hard to ignore. Rin and Kira have set up a bake sale of sorts!]

[If you go to talk to either Rin or Kira they won’t appear to be any different from their normal selves, save for a few snide remarks here or there. Rin’s sitting at the table, happy to explain anything about the treats if asked. Kira is smiling and trying to advertise their sale to any who pass by. The proceeds are going to a good cause. Honestly.]

[When you bite into your chosen good, you may notice something off. It doesn't taste quite right, but you can't place what the problem is. After all, it still tastes like whatever you bought, yet... stronger. As you walk away, or stay to chat, you'll begin to feel sleepy within a matter of minutes. Eventually you'll be unable to stay awake, however, as Kira and Rin's doubles have added Chloral hydrate as their special ingredient.

[[Note: There are two options to eating the contaiminated foods.

A. You'll wake up after a bit to either various stupid doodles on your face( like fake mustaches or hearts or whatever) or a sign stapled to your shirt, likely reading something like "I'm stupid" or "Kick me." Said sign will be at that one spot on the back that you just can't reach on your own, making it hard to get off! If you have something particular you want done, just let us know, otherwise we'll assume it's writer's choice and specify. Don't worry, most of it will be very childish unless you ask for something more cruel.

B. You'll wake up later (or not) to the duo trying to figure out the best way to make you a pod person. They won't succeed either way, but it is an option you can choose.

Please be aware, however, that although you may confront the doubles, it will be [ profile] dualizes who takes them down after rescuing their originals.

Also, please only those who are not podded eat the food. The doubles will likely be well-aware who is and who isn't podded and won't sell the other doubles the food.

Please specify which of the two options you want, and be aware either Kira or Rin or both will reply to comments.
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For Residents of 337 Brady )
Phone - Unfiltered

Um...  W-well, uh...  How do I say this...?  This is Kira Kashino, er, Crawford now according to Mayfield.  It seems I was gone for a while, and now I seem to be back.  I-if there's anyone around from when I was here before, please let me know.  Otherwise, well...  I guess hello to any new residents.  I hope we can get along.

Around Town

A.  Seeing as she's back, and at a new home, Kira is out buying some groceries for the household, whether they need them or not.  This is due to the fact it's a normal, mundane thing and she needs that right now.  Feel free to bother her as she pokes around the shelves.

B.  Kira's buying paper and pencils and color pencils and all sorts of supplies.  She obviously bothered Theo for art money.

C.  Walking around and checking for any changes.  You can bother her at any point.
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[Action - 1487 Kramden Road]

[Well, now that everyone's calmed down a bit, Kira's sort of fallen back into her usual habits.  This means she isn't do more than really caring for the house, the drones kids and Ashton, and working with various pictures.  However, as she has been drawing so much since she arrived in Mayfield, enough so that Ashton is probably finding sketches and things all over the place (sorry Ashton!), she's decided to handle something that probably should have been handled a lot sooner; organization.]

[So today, the sole resident of the house, and the drones of course, will find Kira setting aside various sketches into piles.  To look at them at first may not make much sense, but if someone looks closer they'll realize it's actually very organized: Buildings (Mayfield and the Gulch are separates), people, nature, and anything she's drawn just because.  As she's doing this though, a look will come across her face, and she'll eventually go back to the images of people she's drawn, drone or otherwise.]

[Action - Town - This will be going on until early next week, except for Friday when she will apparently be helping Garviel set up for his party]

[Kira can be found sitting at various places, but mostly on the sidewalk across the street from your house.  She's sketching the whole time, though what exactly she's sketching is unclear.  A box of color pencils does sit near her, however, so obviously she's coloring as well.   She'll also be in the park, down by the schools, and any other building she can think of in town.  You're welcome to come bother her, or tell her to get off the property that is actually public property, though!]

[Phone - Probably a handful of days into this - Filtered from the usual suspects]

Why do the drones all look basically the same?  Does anyone have any idea?
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[Phone - Unfiltered since she has no idea how to do it]

Um...  Whoever's keeping track of the clues found here in Mayfield, I'd really like to talk to you.  I found something in Deadman's Gulch which may or may not be important.  I also have a lot of sketches.

Oh!  Of course, anyone who wants to see all this may come, but I want to make sure the information gets to the right sources too.

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[After her visit to Hiccup, Kira's further decided she wants to help out. No one really took her up on the call yesterday, but she's realized a lot of them are probably out fighting, or exploring, or doing whatever they feel they can.]

[So Kira has taken some time to think about what she can do, and after a while she figures it out. So, for the rest of the event, you can find Kira out in various places, and doing various things. She will, however, be staying as far from both the Highway and the Dairy as possible, meaning if she's near either, it's in the outlaying area.]

1.  Kira will be down at the grocery store, the pharmacy, and any store that sells things like pillows and blankets.

2.  Kira is moving around town looking for anyone who seems to be involved in the battle, or other things, and is carrying what seems to be food and drink (no alcohol, sorry, she isn't old enough or the right gender).  Anyone can feel free to stop her, or stare and she'll come over.

3.  If by chance you seem injured, she'll come offer to help with your wounds
as best as a totally normal human can

[OOC:  This should be her last post for the event, unless something else comes up.  If you happen to want to interact with her but these prompts don't work, message me on AIM at BlackNSilence and we'll figure something out.  Also, she is free to be attacked and things like that, but please do run it by me before you do anything of the sort, especially since she may know characters you don't want yours having to deal with.]
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[Phone - A time after talking to Crowe]

...A lot of people are heading out to the highway, despite the threat.  I...  I'm not really someone who can fight, so I won't be heading out there again on my own, but I want to offer my services if they might be useful.  Of course, I can only draw and cook, but if you want me to do either for you, I'd be willing to.  I really don't want to sit here and be the only one not doing anything, so...
Anyway, um, please be careful everyone...  I think that's it...  Bye.

[She'll take any responses to the call]


[Kira won't be doing a whole lot today, but you will find her at two likely places]

A.  At the grocery store again, getting more food just in case

B.  On the doorstep of 1487 Kramden Road, her assigned housing.  She's probably watching for Ashton or something, but feel free to bother her

[ooc:  I know there are a lot of people out causing trouble just generally around the town.  If you happen to want to bother Kira, just let me know and we'll discuss it.  I'd toss it up in the plotting thread, but that seems to be mostly for the Dairy and Highway.]
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[Phone - Likely not Filtered - After her trip to the Gas Station and Diner]

I'm sure a lot of others who went to the Diner had this idea, but I brought back some of the tea the girl there, Barbara, gave me if anyone who knows about chemicals wants it.  I doubt there's anything in it since I haven't felt any ill effects, but just in case.

Um, I also sort of sketched a lot of things along the road and at the diner, including the people there who weren't from Mayfield to my knowledge, and had a small talk with that waitress.

T-that's all anyway.

[And with that she'll hang-up unless someone catches her]
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[Well, the last few days had been interesting, to say the least.  Unfortunately, Kira wasn't quite sure what to think about what had occurred, other than two very distinct thoughts:  "What in the world, I'm married!" and "Okay, why do I not feel disgusted having kissed Shiki?"  The last was probably more disconcerting than the first, considering the first could be overlooked as Mayfield's usual trouble causing.  The latter, unfortunately, not so much.]

[So, what does a girl like Kira do in this situation?  Considering it's Mayfield, apparently have her day get worse.  What does this mean?  Well, feel free to catch her as she:]

A.  Stops by 1766 Beaver, hoping to find, and talk, to Mickey.  Naturally, she'll find him droned, and will promptly spend a while outside the house debating whether she should go knock to see if he has been this way a while.  Whether she does or not, the residents of the house and others on Beaver can find her looking a bit pensive.

B.  Sitting on a bench at the park, paying no attention to anyone or anything but for the snow she's been kicking about lightly.  Occasionally, she'll reach up to rub at her eyes a little, almost like she's crying, but there's no sign of it on her face.  Feel free to bother her, just expect to startle her when you do.
  Or heck, intentionally startle her, it's all the same, right?
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[Kira wasn't expecting any packages or returns.  She'd never really had a lot to regain in this place, and was happy to even have her bracelet and wedding ring back.  She wasn't sure what else could be given to her, except maybe painting supplies, the veil from her friends, or some of her art.  But as the box was small, the latter seemed extremely improbable.]

[Opening the box, there was a moment where Kira completely stopped moving, before she dropped the box and a hand came to her mouth.  The 'item' inside the box hadn't been tangible, but it had been very real.  Memories of a summer about a year ago had flooded back, and how she had met Shiki while Rei was busy with one of his many races since he'd turned professional, and all that their meetings had entailed.]

[It wasn't but a few minutes later that Kira had quickly put her coat back on and was rushing over to Shiki's place, knocking frantically on the door.  It never occurred to her that he might not remember the same thing she did (or even that this was a Mayfield trick), she only knew she had to talk to him: NOW.]

[ooc:  Warning, may contain adult themes and conversations.  We don't know yet!]
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[It was now February, and there was still snow on the ground.  Although Kira had been mostly staying at home, where it was warm, she'd decided today was a good day to come out and draw at the park again.  She only hoped her new 'Husband' wasn't the kind to get into trouble when left to his own devices.]

[So today you can find Kira out in the park, quite bundled up, sketching things randomly: trees, the snow, the swing set, you...  yes, occasionally she is glancing up at those walking by, and may even stop to sketch them.  Feel free to ask her to stop, or to see what she's drawing.]
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[For the last two or so weeks, Kira has been holed up at home, not wanting to deal with others after meeting Shiki's doppleganger and getting attacked.  For a while, she'd managed to convince the Drone Husband that she was sick, but eventually grew tired of doing so.  However, since he'd stocked up on easy to cook meals and things while she was down, Kira had been able to continue being a hermit.]

[Yet after two weeks, not only is the food in the house low, but Kira's even a bit tired of hiding inside, so she's finally bothered to come out.  She's also managed to get a hold of a X-acto knife to carry around, since she's still rather shaken up about what occurred before.  So for those who do, or don't, know her, have a girl walking around with her head mostly down, and handling a few things today.]

A.  She's gone up to the grocery store to get stuff for home, and seems to be actually stocking up.  At some point during this, she'll successfully manage to startle herself knocking into another drone, and smack into the shelves, spilling the cans that were stacked so neatly all over the floor; clean up on Isle 6.

B.  Heading home to put her groceries away.  She'll take a quick walk by the park though, to see what's to be seen, before heading on.

C.  Later at night, sometime after dinner, she can be found heading somewhere with a small basket in hand.  Those who cross her path may notice the smell of food, one smelling a bit like
sweet potatoes and chestnuts and the other a bit like an omelette.  You can try asking her for some if you'd like; no promises it actually tastes any good.

D.  Heading to Shiki's.  She's a bit worried that the one who attacked her was the one she knows, though she's also fairly sure he's not.  Somehow, they seemed different.  So she's here not only to check and be sure, but to wish him a belated New Years with some proper Japanese food.

[ooc:  For those she knows, she'll seem a bit more tense.  Those she doesn't know, she may get a bit jumpy.]
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[Originally, Kira had intended to hand presents to the few people she knew on the twentieth.  However, as she was heading out to get food, she took notice of the fact the town had put up more things already.  Though not ever having been through any of the holidays, except for Thanksgiving, which was a narrow miss, she's heard enough from others around town to know that the place likes to pull stunts.  So, she goes ahead and buys extra portions of various items, and takes them home.]

[After several hours of cooking, she'll be seen around several neighborhoods of town with a large basket.  If you're close enough, it will smell as if she's cooked up some things, and there is also the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables.  You're more than free to stop her as she proceeds to the following streets:  Ricardo Street, Williams Road and Beaver Street.]

[ooc:  She's delivering food to the Shiki she knows, Ash and to Mickey, who live on said streets.  So if you're one of them expect a knock at your door, or in the case of Mickey, she'll find you in the backyard if necessary.]
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[Snow.  Kira didn't remember the last time she had seen it, actually.  Sometimes they would get a bit during the winter, but usually, nothing.  So this was a bit new to her.  That said, despite the fact it was still nighttime, she had snuck out of her home to stand in the front yard, wearing only a dressing gown, and holding her hands up to catch the falling snow.  She's rather distracted by it, actually.  So for the night residents of Mayfield, have a strange girl standing outside.]

[Later into the day, you can probably find her down at the park sketching, and shivering just slightly despite the fact she's covered up.]
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[Well, Mayfield, after a thankfully uneventful Thanksgiving for Kira (other than, you know, being locked in the house with the drones), she's decided she really needs something to do other than constantly be at home, or out sketching at the park on her own.  So, in an attempt to have something to do that will probably involve drones somehow, she's lifted up the phone to make an offer.  Her voice is a little timid, as she's really not sure how to go about this.]

I was...  wondering if anyone would maybe like art lessons?  I don't know many people here in town yet, and it's rather strange being home with just these...  uh, people around.  So, I thought I'd offer since I can draw and it would get me out of town.  No charge, of course, though you'll have to get your own supplies.

...Yeah.  If you're interested, let me know I guess...

[She'll wait on any responses, and then hang up when she's done.  I should also note she has no idea how to filter, so this will reach the whole town.]
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[Perhaps it was the stampeding Tauros, or just the general fact that being stuck in the house is incredibly dull considering everyone in there seems to be drones, but Kira's taken her art stuff out once again and is actually busily sketching various buildings around town.  Mostly, she'll hit up things that look different from each other, rather than the houses, but if you've decided to upgrade your house since you've been here, she may be sketching that too.  Feel free to catch her:]

A.  As she sketches one of the town's many buildings

B.  As she is moving between areas to sketch another building

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[Kira was glad she wasn't really bothered during the weekend, considering the candy and the effect it seemed to have had on her.  It was bad enough before she got into it, she'd met a very strange boy who'd laughed in quite a disturbing way at her name.  But she was even happier when she checked the mail that day and found returned to her the bracelet Rei had given her near the time they had first met.  It didn't take her long to put it on, so she seems a bit more happy than usual today as she goes out to do specific things, namely:]

A.  She's going to go see if she can find Shiki to show him the bracelet since they had talked about it when they met
B.  Down at the park drawing again
C.  Shopping for groceries
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[Unfortunately for Kira, she doesn't know all that Mayfield is capable of.  So she probably barely bothers to think about the mysterious candy when it appears.  This leads to her getting into it.  Which ends up leading her to dressing as a sexy nurse.  She'll be heading out in it and can likely be found down at the park if you wish to bother her.]

[ooc:  Be aware, should you talk to her and the girl manage to hit on you (dunno if she even knows how, and then later remembers, she will probably have issues talking to you for a bit after this is over.]
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