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[So after staying inside for a while, trying to deal with this new reality, and somehow not seeing anyone else who isn't drones, Kira has decided she wants to head out.  She's snagged some paper and a pen, as well as something hard to draw on before she leaves.  She'll spend time exploring the town to start, then she'll be off drawing.  If you'd like to bother her, you can find her in a few spots.]

1.  Kira is wandering your street, looking at the houses that look all the same and probably wondering about all these things she isn't quite used to, being from Japan

2.  Looking at clothes and checking out what other shops the town has.  It's free to window shop, right?

3.  At the park sketching whatever seems interesting.  She has a look of focusing on her face, as well as a bit of sadness too.
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[Nothing seemed at first unusual to Kira as she began to wake up.  She was used to going to hotel rooms from time to time when Rei had races.  So as she spent a moment to recollect things, it took that amount of time for her to realize she hadn't been in a hotel before this, and that this was not the room she'd gone to sleep in.  And as soon as that set in, she was on her feet, half-terrified and searching the house to see if she could find any sign of where she was, or what was going on.  Having no luck, she would eventually go to the phone, dialing a number and trying to get a hold of Rei.]

Rei?  Rei, are you there?
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If you have any issues with either how I RP, or how I play Kira, please let me know here. And though I know it is not always easy to identify what is exactly wrong, please try to give me as much detail as you possibly can so that I have somewhere to start in fixing things. Thanks!


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