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Going through Mayfield's games are never easy, not considering it has a tendency to hurt people in terrible ways.  Usually, though, Kira's not had to deal with it on such a deep level, what with her having lived most her time in Mayfield in a drone-filled house, and then only with Ashton (admittedly, he could give anyone a good scare, always trying to be the hero, but the point still stood).  This time, however, things had been different.

During the first day, she'd hung close to whichever housemate she could, unsettled by everything and not wanting to just sit at the house on her own.  Yet eventually, once some things had been gathered, she stayed there, and by day two she was acting like she often did in bad situations; stepping up as the caretaker.  This was probably good, as by day 3, things had gotten pretty bad.  Rin had gotten sick, and she didn't feel so well either.

Yet things had passed, and seemed back to normal.  She'd gotten up early after things returned to normal, and gone to buy several things at the store, and was now in the process of making a very good breakfast for everyone, to try and cheer everyone up a little and create a sense of normalcy; as much as could be done the day after waking up from a nuclear apocalypse anyway.

[Around Town]

That afternoon, like many afternoons after Mayfield's shenanigans, Kira had gotten something back from her own life.  Unlike the bracelet, or her wedding ring, this wasn't as big a deal as some other things, but she had decided she may as well wear what she was sent.  After all, it held some memories of when she really started to change, and it was nothing like what a Mayfield woman would wear.  So today, as Kira goes about her business, she's wearing this outfit; anyone who knows her feel free to be shocked at pants.

[ooc:  You can catch Kira anywhere around town.  She's probably looking about anyway, checking up on people and all.]


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