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[For Theo]

[For the last few months, Kira's been back at home, so there isn't any concern about waking up snuggled near a warm body.  After all, she's been traveling with Rei for his motorcycle races, never knowing a thing had happened and that she'd been away for a while.  So, she does what she usually does in the mornings with Rei, which means Theo, you're getting a girl snuggling closer and mumbling something about 'time to be up for the race'.  She hasn't yet noticed you're not Rei.  Oops.]

[For the rest of the house]

[Well, good morning!  You have a new not!mom today.  After whatever antics which ensue with Theo are over, she'll be finding her way downstairs.  The first thing she'll notice is that her painting is here, she already realized her ring and other items were, hung up somewhere in the living room.  She stares at it a moment, a deep look of sadness passing by, before she proceeds to the kitchen.  If no one's already making breakfast, you will find one made for you when you eventually reach the kitchen, and a very quiet Kira.  Bother her?]

Phone - Unfiltered

Um...  W-well, uh...  How do I say this...?  This is Kira Kashino, er, Crawford now according to Mayfield.  It seems I was gone for a while, and now I seem to be back.  I-if there's anyone around from when I was here before, please let me know.  Otherwise, well...  I guess hello to any new residents.  I hope we can get along.

Around Town

A.  Seeing as she's back, and at a new home, Kira is out buying some groceries for the household, whether they need them or not.  This is due to the fact it's a normal, mundane thing and she needs that right now.  Feel free to bother her as she pokes around the shelves.

B.  Kira's buying paper and pencils and color pencils and all sorts of supplies.  She obviously bothered Theo for art money.

C.  Walking around and checking for any changes.  You can bother her at any point.


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