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[Action - 1487 Kramden Road]

[Well, now that everyone's calmed down a bit, Kira's sort of fallen back into her usual habits.  This means she isn't do more than really caring for the house, the drones kids and Ashton, and working with various pictures.  However, as she has been drawing so much since she arrived in Mayfield, enough so that Ashton is probably finding sketches and things all over the place (sorry Ashton!), she's decided to handle something that probably should have been handled a lot sooner; organization.]

[So today, the sole resident of the house, and the drones of course, will find Kira setting aside various sketches into piles.  To look at them at first may not make much sense, but if someone looks closer they'll realize it's actually very organized: Buildings (Mayfield and the Gulch are separates), people, nature, and anything she's drawn just because.  As she's doing this though, a look will come across her face, and she'll eventually go back to the images of people she's drawn, drone or otherwise.]

[Action - Town - This will be going on until early next week, except for Friday when she will apparently be helping Garviel set up for his party]

[Kira can be found sitting at various places, but mostly on the sidewalk across the street from your house.  She's sketching the whole time, though what exactly she's sketching is unclear.  A box of color pencils does sit near her, however, so obviously she's coloring as well.   She'll also be in the park, down by the schools, and any other building she can think of in town.  You're welcome to come bother her, or tell her to get off the property that is actually public property, though!]

[Phone - Probably a handful of days into this - Filtered from the usual suspects]

Why do the drones all look basically the same?  Does anyone have any idea?


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