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[After her visit to Hiccup, Kira's further decided she wants to help out. No one really took her up on the call yesterday, but she's realized a lot of them are probably out fighting, or exploring, or doing whatever they feel they can.]

[So Kira has taken some time to think about what she can do, and after a while she figures it out. So, for the rest of the event, you can find Kira out in various places, and doing various things. She will, however, be staying as far from both the Highway and the Dairy as possible, meaning if she's near either, it's in the outlaying area.]

1.  Kira will be down at the grocery store, the pharmacy, and any store that sells things like pillows and blankets.

2.  Kira is moving around town looking for anyone who seems to be involved in the battle, or other things, and is carrying what seems to be food and drink (no alcohol, sorry, she isn't old enough or the right gender).  Anyone can feel free to stop her, or stare and she'll come over.

3.  If by chance you seem injured, she'll come offer to help with your wounds
as best as a totally normal human can

[OOC:  This should be her last post for the event, unless something else comes up.  If you happen to want to interact with her but these prompts don't work, message me on AIM at BlackNSilence and we'll figure something out.  Also, she is free to be attacked and things like that, but please do run it by me before you do anything of the sort, especially since she may know characters you don't want yours having to deal with.]
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