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[Phone - A time after talking to Crowe]

...A lot of people are heading out to the highway, despite the threat.  I...  I'm not really someone who can fight, so I won't be heading out there again on my own, but I want to offer my services if they might be useful.  Of course, I can only draw and cook, but if you want me to do either for you, I'd be willing to.  I really don't want to sit here and be the only one not doing anything, so...
Anyway, um, please be careful everyone...  I think that's it...  Bye.

[She'll take any responses to the call]


[Kira won't be doing a whole lot today, but you will find her at two likely places]

A.  At the grocery store again, getting more food just in case

B.  On the doorstep of 1487 Kramden Road, her assigned housing.  She's probably watching for Ashton or something, but feel free to bother her

[ooc:  I know there are a lot of people out causing trouble just generally around the town.  If you happen to want to bother Kira, just let me know and we'll discuss it.  I'd toss it up in the plotting thread, but that seems to be mostly for the Dairy and Highway.]


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