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[Well, the last few days had been interesting, to say the least.  Unfortunately, Kira wasn't quite sure what to think about what had occurred, other than two very distinct thoughts:  "What in the world, I'm married!" and "Okay, why do I not feel disgusted having kissed Shiki?"  The last was probably more disconcerting than the first, considering the first could be overlooked as Mayfield's usual trouble causing.  The latter, unfortunately, not so much.]

[So, what does a girl like Kira do in this situation?  Considering it's Mayfield, apparently have her day get worse.  What does this mean?  Well, feel free to catch her as she:]

A.  Stops by 1766 Beaver, hoping to find, and talk, to Mickey.  Naturally, she'll find him droned, and will promptly spend a while outside the house debating whether she should go knock to see if he has been this way a while.  Whether she does or not, the residents of the house and others on Beaver can find her looking a bit pensive.

B.  Sitting on a bench at the park, paying no attention to anyone or anything but for the snow she's been kicking about lightly.  Occasionally, she'll reach up to rub at her eyes a little, almost like she's crying, but there's no sign of it on her face.  Feel free to bother her, just expect to startle her when you do.
  Or heck, intentionally startle her, it's all the same, right?
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