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Kira's father died in a car accident when she was ten years old, leaving her Mother and her alone. It also left her Mother hating motorcyclists, since the accident was caused by a man in a motorcycle gang. Later, when her mother remarried, while Kira was in eighth grade (age 14), her step-father raped her. This caused her to draw into herself, disliking guys and also not talking to anyone else really, except when she had to.

Kira ends up eventually getting involved with Rei Kashino, the school's playboy and delinquent. This is due to him asking her directions at the park one day, and the paper she draws the map on happens to have the image of a mother and child on back. When he finally is able to catch her attention in school, he tells her that he thinks the image is beautiful, and she tells him he can have the sketch and the painting when it's done. Excited, he tells her he'll protect her if anything happens, and proceeds to do so.

He first protects her by dealing with a sexually harassing teacher, almost dying in the process as the teacher removes the brake pads to his motorcycle. Soon after, Kira asks him to model for her, and they begin to get closer. When the image is stolen by another student, who copies it, she is quite upset as she wanted to give that image and the painting to, but now she doesn't even have the sketch. When the boy returns it to her, she goes to find Rei, and as he burns the paper, she thinks the promise is burning away. But instead, she and Rei head out for a time.

It is during this that she finds out about Rei's twin, and that he will sometimes pass out and stop breathing when certain things trigger him. She resucitates him, showing perhaps for the first time her inner strength, even while she fears he'll die just like her Father did. She has to come to terms with the fact that he'll race no matter what, and that he still has issues with his brother's death. At the same time, though, she becomes friends with Harumi, who had attacked her before, threatening to break her hand if she didn't leave Rei be. She also becomes friends with Kyoko, a female racer whose husband is teaching Rei, and both of whom have known him for years.

As their relationship develops, Kira finds out more about Rei. Eventually, she has to deal with her feelings towards him, even after his ex-girlfriend shows up. Beginning to trust him, however, the two are bothered by a student named Masao Kirishima, who says he loves Rei. When he finds out that Rei is not a cold-hearted murderer, he becomes angry and tries to kill Kira. She fights back and Rei saves her, but not before Masao causes her memories of the rape to be brought up again. This causes strife between Kira and Rei for a time, as he is unaware and not sure why she's acting strange.

Things continue on, and eventually Rei finds out about the rape and the two deal with it. Unfortunately, as her mother has collapsed by this time, her step-father comes back into the equation. She stays in the house because he promises to do nothing to her, but jealous of her relationship with Rei he begins to try to control her. Grabbing her one day, she ends up hurting him and runs to Rei saying she killed him. This isn't really the case, but she tells her Mother that she won't come home, even if her step-father insists that everything was a misunderstanding and he never intended to hurt her.

When her stepfather finally realizes where Kira is, he goes to try to bring her home. She refuses, and when he grabs for her again, she shoves him away and threatens to kill herself. When Rei comes home, finding he's trying to grab her again, he beats him up and her step-father is almost killed. The two run, but he begins to threaten to press charges against Rei, so Kira goes home to protect Rei. Rei ends up saving her, and she begins to get to know his Father, as well as what happened in his past. Eventually, she finds Sei's suicide note, but realizing Rei can't take it at the time, she hides it; as it says loosely that he wishes to bring Rei down with him.

When Rei turns 18, he and Kira get married. Or rather, he gets a slip that says they can get married. She looks forward to beginning an art school, but finds out Masao has gotten out of the psychiatric hospital he had to go to when he attakced her. As she and her friends celebrate her wedding, however, Masao stabs Rei and she ends up at the hospital. She sees Sei there, and begs him not to take Rei. Thankfully, Rei does survive.

A year later, they are shown to be going strong. Kira is busy with art school, and Rei is beginning his career as a professional motor cycle racer.


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