Oct. 25th, 2011

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[337 Brady Lane]

[The doppleganger Kira was sitting at the table while the doppleganger Rin was busy cooking. It was far earlier than either of their real counterparts would usually be up, but it was necessary since the two aliens were plotting together to cause trouble. They would be aware that Theo was one of them, of course, but he seemed to be doing his own thing, so they were doing their's. The Kira one, knowing she was at a disadvantage, was speaking to the Rin doppleganger at the moment.]

You're up too early for him to believe this.

[For a moment the only response from the Rin clone was the sounds made from his continued work on the breakfast he was preparing. It was a mixture of the asian-centered meal the original Rin and his twin were used to, and some of the americanized food they'd been exposed to in Mayfield. Nothing too out of the ordinary. ]

That's why I'm the one cooking. He won't question what we put in front of him either because of this.

I hope you're right. I don't want him to figure it out until we're well into the process of eliminating him.

It'd be nice if he didn't figure it out at all, but that won't happen. [He holds a hand out to her expectantly for the Chloral hydrate they'd stolen from the dentists office earlier that day.] I'll finish up here, you go do whatever your original would.

[Kira takes up the container for the liquid and hands it over to Rin's double.] Alright. Remember to hide the taste well. We want as much time as possible to at least slow him down, if not knock him out dead cold in a matter of minutes. I'll go see about gathering up the laundry.

[With this, Kira's double heads upstairs where she'll be doing chores typical of the girl as close to Yukio's room as possible. She'd like to greet him, after all.]

Action B: Bake Sale

[When passing the Mayfield grocery store you might see a curious looking table. Once closer though, you'll see it filled to the brim will an assortment of baked goods: cookies, muffins, and brownies! All of them not so neatly packaged but the smell is delicious hard to ignore. Rin and Kira have set up a bake sale of sorts!]

[If you go to talk to either Rin or Kira they won’t appear to be any different from their normal selves, save for a few snide remarks here or there. Rin’s sitting at the table, happy to explain anything about the treats if asked. Kira is smiling and trying to advertise their sale to any who pass by. The proceeds are going to a good cause. Honestly.]

[When you bite into your chosen good, you may notice something off. It doesn't taste quite right, but you can't place what the problem is. After all, it still tastes like whatever you bought, yet... stronger. As you walk away, or stay to chat, you'll begin to feel sleepy within a matter of minutes. Eventually you'll be unable to stay awake, however, as Kira and Rin's doubles have added Chloral hydrate as their special ingredient.

[[Note: There are two options to eating the contaiminated foods.

A. You'll wake up after a bit to either various stupid doodles on your face( like fake mustaches or hearts or whatever) or a sign stapled to your shirt, likely reading something like "I'm stupid" or "Kick me." Said sign will be at that one spot on the back that you just can't reach on your own, making it hard to get off! If you have something particular you want done, just let us know, otherwise we'll assume it's writer's choice and specify. Don't worry, most of it will be very childish unless you ask for something more cruel.

B. You'll wake up later (or not) to the duo trying to figure out the best way to make you a pod person. They won't succeed either way, but it is an option you can choose.

Please be aware, however, that although you may confront the doubles, it will be [livejournal.com profile] dualizes who takes them down after rescuing their originals.

Also, please only those who are not podded eat the food. The doubles will likely be well-aware who is and who isn't podded and won't sell the other doubles the food.

Please specify which of the two options you want, and be aware either Kira or Rin or both will reply to comments.


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