Feb. 14th, 2011

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[Kira wasn't expecting any packages or returns.  She'd never really had a lot to regain in this place, and was happy to even have her bracelet and wedding ring back.  She wasn't sure what else could be given to her, except maybe painting supplies, the veil from her friends, or some of her art.  But as the box was small, the latter seemed extremely improbable.]

[Opening the box, there was a moment where Kira completely stopped moving, before she dropped the box and a hand came to her mouth.  The 'item' inside the box hadn't been tangible, but it had been very real.  Memories of a summer about a year ago had flooded back, and how she had met Shiki while Rei was busy with one of his many races since he'd turned professional, and all that their meetings had entailed.]

[It wasn't but a few minutes later that Kira had quickly put her coat back on and was rushing over to Shiki's place, knocking frantically on the door.  It never occurred to her that he might not remember the same thing she did (or even that this was a Mayfield trick), she only knew she had to talk to him: NOW.]

[ooc:  Warning, may contain adult themes and conversations.  We don't know yet!]


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