Jan. 4th, 2011

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[For the last two or so weeks, Kira has been holed up at home, not wanting to deal with others after meeting Shiki's doppleganger and getting attacked.  For a while, she'd managed to convince the Drone Husband that she was sick, but eventually grew tired of doing so.  However, since he'd stocked up on easy to cook meals and things while she was down, Kira had been able to continue being a hermit.]

[Yet after two weeks, not only is the food in the house low, but Kira's even a bit tired of hiding inside, so she's finally bothered to come out.  She's also managed to get a hold of a X-acto knife to carry around, since she's still rather shaken up about what occurred before.  So for those who do, or don't, know her, have a girl walking around with her head mostly down, and handling a few things today.]

A.  She's gone up to the grocery store to get stuff for home, and seems to be actually stocking up.  At some point during this, she'll successfully manage to startle herself knocking into another drone, and smack into the shelves, spilling the cans that were stacked so neatly all over the floor; clean up on Isle 6.

B.  Heading home to put her groceries away.  She'll take a quick walk by the park though, to see what's to be seen, before heading on.

C.  Later at night, sometime after dinner, she can be found heading somewhere with a small basket in hand.  Those who cross her path may notice the smell of food, one smelling a bit like
sweet potatoes and chestnuts and the other a bit like an omelette.  You can try asking her for some if you'd like; no promises it actually tastes any good.

D.  Heading to Shiki's.  She's a bit worried that the one who attacked her was the one she knows, though she's also fairly sure he's not.  Somehow, they seemed different.  So she's here not only to check and be sure, but to wish him a belated New Years with some proper Japanese food.

[ooc:  For those she knows, she'll seem a bit more tense.  Those she doesn't know, she may get a bit jumpy.]


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